11 Tips to Stay Focused for CSS Exam Preparation

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11 Tips to Stay Focused for CSS Exam Preparation

11 Tips to Stay Focused for CSS Exam Preparation

This article will help you to understand 11 tips to stay focused while studying for CSS Exam. I can’t guarantee that all these tips will work for you but some of these tips will definitely help you in maintaining your focus for CSS Exam Preparation.

1. Workspace

You must have a designated workspace having limited distractions. It is recommended that your workspace should not be in your bedroom. If you live with lot of other people, at least, find a place in your home where you feel comfortable and productive. 

2. Desk Arrangements

Only keep the essential items on your desk. Keeping only minimum and relevant items on your desk will help you to maintain your focus on a particular subject.

3. Tasks and Goals

Write down your tasks and goals for all of your CSS Exam subjects. Having specific goals and step by step plan for achieving those goals will help you to focus on each particular study session. Splitting your work into smaller tasks is a great way for maintaining focus.

4. Eliminate Background Noises

Background noises can make you extremely distracted and you may lose focus while studying. You should eliminate background noises. There are multiple options to eliminate background noises. Listening to music of your choice could be better idea to deal with background noises. You can choose your own strategy but eliminating background noises are very important for maintaining focus.

5. Use of Cell Phone and Wi-Fi

If it is not important for your study, turn-off your Wi-Fi and put your phone away from your desk. It will help you in maintaining your focus and concentration.

6. Study Duration

You should study for short intervals. The best approach is to study for at least 45 minutes and then take a 10 or 15 minutes break. Try to get some fresh air during your breaks. Go outside for short walk for at least one of your break a day. Going outside will really help you to clear up your mind. It will help you focus again once you start working.

7. Set Time Limits for Individual Tasks

You will be focus better when you know that how much time you have set for each task or topic. Having a plan set for your day help you to focus on one thing at a time. It will make you more motivated to focus.

8. Cope with Unwanted Thoughts

There are lot of great Apps and Websites to help you get started. You can try headspace. This app will help you to deal with unwanted thoughts without focusing on them. I will definitely suggest trying out different resources for mindfulness just to help you become more aware of your thoughts so that you don’t let them distract you.

9. Write down Distracting Thoughts to Deal with them later

This tip is for those times when you are trying your best to focus on a task but unwanted and distracting thoughts preventing you from focusing. Simply, write down any thoughts that stress you in any way so that you can deal with them later. It doesn’t make the stressful things to go away but by writing your thoughts down you don’t have to constantly think about remembering them. It will help you to finish your task before dealing with them.

10. Healthy Diet

To be more focused, you need a healthy body. Your diet comes first. Eat a diet of healthy food, drink lot of water and cut down sugars because it will make you sleepy. The best food for the brain is sleep. You should sleep for at least 8 hours. It will increase the ability of your brain to focus and concentrate. You should also exercise daily. Good exercise increases blood circulation and carries oxygen to the brain and will help you to focus and concentrate.

11. Train your Mind

Don’t start reading right away a new chapter or topic. The text books are not thrillers, they are boring, so before starting reading a new chapter or topic, listen a high level perspective on the topic which will make you super interested reading that new chapter or topic. The idea is to first train your mind to get interested in the topic and then open the text book and read that particular topic.

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