20 Best Software Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies


20 Best Software Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing is the act of selling products and services through channels such as social media, SEO, Emails and mobile apps. Having the right sets of tools to manage data insights and contents, Digital Marketing is essential. Without Digital Marketing tools you would not be able to create a strategy which reaches target customers.

Nowadays, lot of things that we are doing on a daily basis like running a digital marketing agency or running an online business, there are tools that can help to run businesses more effectively and efficiently. In this article, we will share details of 8 top software tools that every digital marketing agency should be aware of and should be used on daily basis to run their online businesses more effectively and efficiently.

1. Stripe

Stripe is a full stake payment processor. It allows you to transfer money from a customer bank account into your business account by way of credit or debit cards transactions. It can be used for all kind of transactions. Stripe allows your business to process credit and debit cards as well as automated clearing house transactions both online and offline. This software can be used to charge your clients on a recurring basis. It’s a cool tool that could save lot of costs associated with dashboard or reporting based tools that are used for financial analysis and insights. Through this digital marketing tools you can collect your transactional revenue with detail revenue reports.

2. Click Funnels

Click funnels is a site building and a digital marketing tool for creating an online business. To use Click Funnels you don’t have to be technical and you don’t have to know programming. You can design sites based on your business needs.

3. Kajabi

Kajabi is a basic online course hosting platform. It is like an online education tool that can help you to create courses. This tool will help you with onboard sequence. It is very cost effective. Kajabi has basically replaced every online tool. Virtually every online tool that you use in online business like online course hosting, website hosting, website building, your email list, landing pages, sales funnels and your live webinar hosting, Kajabi put them all under one roof. 

4. Active Campaign

It is a digital marketing automation platform. Its marketing automation is built around email marketing. You can do a lot more than just send emails through this platform. You can also send SMS messages and there is a whole bunch of integrations with third party apps to connect to and send or receive data from different sources. This integration creates an opportunity for you to automate the entire customer experience for your online business.

5. Slack

It’s a messaging app that bring all of your communication into one place. Slack aims to improve upon many deficiencies that exist with the existing email communication. With emails, most of your communication are sorted by when they arrived into your inbox. With Slack, on the other hand, all of your communication are sorted by channels, conversations or topics. It is a massive tool that has very efficient searching and record keeping functionalities. You can send files and videos through it and you can communicate with people that you need in real time.

6. Google Suite Services

Google Suite Services is a popular suite of world class productivity and collaboration apps built for all types and sizes of businesses. It also offers a professional business email service. This tool can be used to create templates. It has a very good searching functionality.

7. Culture Index

Culture index is basically providing data to organizations and businesses to help them in how they think about managing their human capital. It has the highest percentile accuracy for personality based assessments and surveys. It gives the opportunity to see people who they are. This Digital Tool is deriving data on individuals within the organization that helps leaders to communicate, lead and hire more effectively.

8. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot is inbound sales and service software. It is integrated with different third party programs and applications. HubSpot will do everything related to digital marketing in one platform. If you like everything in one spot, HubSpot is the best choice for you.

Best Software Tools for Digital Marketing When You Have No Team

You can use the following Digital Marketing tools especially when you have no team to help you out. In Digital Marketing, there are many areas where you need to hire people. But as hiring is expensive, you can use these tools without hiring and without any team support. It will speed up the whole online business processes for you. These software tools are free and you don’t have to spend money on purchasing them. Just learn how to use these digital tools and run your business successfully without a team.

9. Madgicx

Madgics is uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your paid ad campaign and automatically fine tune it for maximum performance. Instead of spending time on analyzing numbers and optimization plan, you can use Madgicx to save your time and money. It will help hit your ROI and return on ad spend goals. It will also scale up your campaigns and will save time and money.

10. AnswerThePublic

AnserThePublic is a free market research tool that can quickly help you to find a niche and come up with new content or business ideas. It drive keyword development and much more. AnswerThePublic scrapes hundreds of autocomplete from Google searches for any specific term that you are choosing. This Digital tool helps you get different ways to search and figure out how minds works. From answering questions that people have or comparisons or prepositions, you will find all of that and sometimes even thousands of variations in AnswerThePublic.

11. UnSplash

UnSplash is a free and a creative platform that provides rich contents of high resolution free and usable images from the creative talents around the world. The UnSplash is advanced technology tool and affords fast connection and unique way to provide a great value for all users. The UnSplash provides many programs of awarding for the photographers to reach the talents with full encouragement. If you are doing digital marketing, you will need lots of images and UnSplash is a perfect platform for it.

12. Hunter

If you want to do any type of sales prospecting and want to send emails, the first step is to find the person’s email address. To get email addresses, you will browsing and searching the web to find email addresses of the persons running the website/business. You can find email addresses very quickly using Hunter. Hunter is like a magic for finding email addresses. Hunter is an email finder and email verifier. This digital tool will tell you the email of the person who running the website/business. It is a best digital tool to find email addresses of anybody very quickly and will save your time and money.

13. Google Data Studio

It is a free Digital Tool that you can use when you have no team. Google Data Studio is a free dashboard tool for marketers who need to report data frequently. For you, it might be easy to analyze data in Google Analytics or Facebook ads manager but for your client you also need reports as per their needs. For this purpose, Google Data Studio is a great reporting tool for your clients and you can even give them live access so they can just login and see everything.

In Google Data Studio you can visualize data on a canvas. You just need to drag and drop your preferred chart onto it and configure it to show exactly what you and your client want. You can give style to your dashboard and build drop-downs and filters to make your dashboard interactive.   

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