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Famous Pashto writer, poet and scholar Mr. Mushtaq Majroh passed away on 28-Jan 2021.


Name: Mushtaq Ahmad
Nom de Plume: Majroh
Father’s Name: Hidayat ur Rahman
Address: Mayar, Distt. Mardan
DOB: April 04, 1954
DOD: Jan 28, 2021
Creations: Yarana Pa Shaftalo, Dh Tareekh Jarraa, Zarkanray, Haza Ma Kanaztum, Muzloom Khushal, Saho Pukhto

Oh Mushtaq Majroh Yousafzai! your writings depicted maturity and logic in the last two books mentioned above. We were waiting for you to carry on the methodology of research in right direction and in an objective way like the two mentioned above. But the humble human being is always on the way to death. We know that you were also prepared for it but what if you had said fair well to this mortal world sometime later. In this way laurel would have seen some more research books form you. You saddened your family but you also left us in gloom.

The fatal Corona had taken the life of some 2,088,000 all over the world but when it dies a writer it doubles the grievances of rhe society. Anyhow everyone had to face the death. Now we can pray Almighty Allah to rest your soul in eternal peace, Amen!

Via Sohail Inshah


1st International Conference (Online) on “Recent Trends in Social Sciences, Cohesion and Familial Life” (January 20-22, 2021)


Essay Competition


Next competition will be on Essay. The management committee will decided its schedule, subject area and eligibility criteria soon. Stay connected and read our club news on regular basis.

Ghazal Competition

Mr. Muhammad Kamran has won the Ghazal competition. Total 314 peoples caste their vote in which Mr. Muhammad Kamran recieved155 vote, Mr. Jibran Ullah Jan received 145 votes and Miss Zainab Haya received 14 votes.

The third edition of MOR (Mother) will soon be available in market

MOR (Mother) is a research book compiled by Akbar Hoti, Chairman Writers Club Pakistan. It is the first book in history of Pashto literature which is specifically compiled on mother. The book contains real stories on Mother’s relations collected from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa writers. 2 editions of this book have already been published and the 3rd edition will soon be available in local market. The book has also received “Pakhtunkhwa Award 2012”.

Ghazal competition starts today

Writers Club Pakistan has started its Ghazal competition today. 3 Ghazals have been selected for online voting. The deadline for online voting is 8-October 2020. The names of poets who Ghazals have been selected by the Jury for the competition are Mr. Jibran Ullah Jan, Miss Zainab Haya and Mr. Muhammad Kamran.

New Book “Kabal Ke 7 Kala” written by Atta Ullah Shah Ahrar has been published.

New Book “Kabal Ke 7 Kala” written by Atta Ullah Shah Ahrar has been published and available in local market. The book is also available on Writers Club Pakistan website in pdf form. To download this book, please visit upcoming books page and after the book review, click on download book button. Click on to visit upcoming books page.


Famous Pashto writer, poet and scholar Mr. Mehjoor passed away on Saturday, 5-September 2020.

Birth Date:
14-January 1952

Place of Birth:
Khweshgi, Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Death Date:
5-September 2020.

By profession, he was a teacher and retired as Professor from University of Peshawar.


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Book “Khatiry” by Israr da Toru

Book “Khatiry” written by Israr da Toru is under publication and soon be available in local market. Read more>>


Abaseen Yousafzai has been nominated for Pride of Performance Award

Abaseen yousafzai, the member of management committee Writers Club Pakistan has been nominated for President’s Pride of Performance Award in recognition of his 40 years work for the promotion of literature and culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Click here for more details