Google Analytics: Tips and Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Tips and Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Tips and Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics helps you to grow your business and online visibility. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that every business owner should use daily. Google Analytics allows you to track and analyze your website traffic. It is a must tool for everyone interested in growing website in digital marketing. The Google Analytics helps you to keep your business in right direction. It is like your true business ally and it is totally free.

For a new Google Analytics user, it will be little difficult to understand its different sections. But after reading this article you will be able to understand its interface, key metrics, setting up goals & campaigns and to drive more traffic by using Google Analytics data.

What does Google Analytics Allow You to See?

It let you see a lot of things like number of visitors, where they coming from, how longer they spending on your website and which pages they are clicking on. Google Analytics also including visitors age, gender details, visitor country/city etc. Having a website and not having Google Analytics, you have no idea where are you going. If you want to be on track and reach your destination, your website must be connected with Google Analytics.

How does Google Analytics Works?

You don’t need any coding to keep it running. It’s very easy to connect your website with Google Analytics. You just need to insert the special code into your website. This code will track where your visitor are coming from. You can review all statistics for growing your business.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use Google Analytics

You must have the understanding of all data that Google Analytics provides to you. Following are the tips and tricks for understanding and using Google Analytics data.

1. Traffic Sources

Google Analytics showing you all your traffic sources for example direct, organic and Facebook etc. If you know your website traffic sources, you will be in a better position to formulate strategies for increasing your website traffic from a particular traffic sources.

2. Analyze the Conversion Rate of Your Traffic

By having the data of your traffic conversion rate, you have the opportunity to decide where to put more efforts. For example, you are getting lot of traffic from Facebook but its conversion rate is poor. On the other side, your traffic from twitter is low but its conversion rate is high. This means, you can improve your conversion rate by investing more time on twitter. That’s how the Google Analytics reports help you to increase your conversion and improve your business.

3. Identified Traffic that has more Potential

Google Analytics helps you to understand traffic that has more potential. You can analyze your traffic and can give more time to a particular traffic source. For example, you are getting lot of traffic from twitter by investing very little time. It means, you need to spend more time on twitter to get more traffic and conversion.

4. Top Landing Pages

Google Analytics showing you all your website landing pages and gives you the opportunities to use these landing pages for increasing your conversion rate. Therefore, you need to take certain necessary steps to maximize your website conversion by using landing pages of your website.

5. Exit Pages

Knowing about the exit pages of your website will help you to examine the contents and quality. You need to give more time to those pages for improving its contents and quality so that people spend more time on those pages and increase your website conversion rate.

In conclusion, Google Analytics is an important tool that every business should use for growing website traffic.

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