Happy Birthday My Son!

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Happy Birthday My Son

Happy Birthday My Son!

He turned 5 today (24th June 2020). I call him Shahzada (Prince) and he calls me Shahzada (Prince) and this is the only word my Son can speak at age 5. It is almost the dream of every parent that their children become officers, doctors, engineers and reach to a highest position but our dreams are different. We just want that Shahzada learn speaking and live a healthy life. This is very painful for us when we see Shahzada far behind other children at his age.

I still remember that day, when we visit a doctor in Dabgari Gardon Peshawar as Shahzada was ill. After the check up, the doctor told us that your Son has ‘Down Syndrome’. I heard this word for the first time and asked the doctor, what is Down Syndrome? The Doctor replied, “Down Syndrome” means your baby has an extra Chromosome. I was still looking at his face as he used medical term. He realized quickly and told me that your baby is a “Special Child”. It was unexpected, shocking, and I can’t explain the pain I felt that time. The doctor further added, your child may have some physical and mental disabilities but keep in mind that children having Down Syndrome are the friendliest children on earth.

After all this, the first month was very difficult and it took more than a year in accepting that Shahzada has Down Syndrome. Raising a child having Down Syndrome is a challenge but after spending 5 years with him, we realized that, he is the most precious Gift of God. His smile is the most beautiful smile.

Happy Birthday My Son. Live Long. We Love You!

To New Parents of Down Syndrome Babies

1) Yes, our doctor was right, children’s having Down Syndrome are very friendly. Don’t be stress, you will enjoy a lot.
2) Don’t worry, your child would have a very quality life.
3) He/ She is a gift of God and you will be thankful.
4) The understanding of your child will be same as other normal child. The only problem your child will face is his/ her speaking skills.
5) Remember, they feel happy, stressed and neglected, give them extra time and importance.

By: Mameen Khan

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Son!

  1. Tehreem Merum

    I would say don’t loose heart. Allah has chosen you for this special gift as he is different because he doesn’t have hate for others in his heart and neither he will do hypocrisy like others. He is precious and pure soul. He understands and feels everything and loves you the most in this world. You are blessed to have such loving and pure soul. May Allah Grant him long and healthy life.Ameen

  2. Adnan Saeed

    A very heart touching.
    He is indeed a precious gift.
    Allah bless him with a joyful and happiness life.

  3. Bisma Aslam

    ALHAMDOLILLAH .May Allah shower His bkessings for Shahzada and his parents here and thereafter. AMEEN SUMMA ameen.
    Happy birthday Mohammad Baba

  4. Sohail

    AOA. It’s certainly very challenging for the parents to carry on in such situations without Allah SWT BLESSINGS.
    Parents have very special rewards from Allah SWT.
    We can sincerely pray for the family to have the strength with peace of mind to shoulder this responsibility.

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