How to Improve Mental Fitness?

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How to Improve Mental Fitness?

Living a successful life in this world is a “mind game”. Your success depends on your mind and the uses you put to it. It will make you rich or poor. It will make you a successful or a failed person. Read this article till the end to understand few ways of making your mind stronger to become a successful person in your society.

To improve your productivity, professional or personal relationships and to realize your best-self, all you need is a healthy mind. Maintaining a healthy mind is not complicated. You just need to understand few methods/ways that could help you building your mind for a successful life.

Due to unemployment, poverty and many other social issues, the people of Pakistan and specially the younger slot facing mental fitness problems. The majority of them are not aware about how to maintain mental fitness and live a successful life. This is a reality that for a great success, you should be mentally strong. You should know all methods for improving your mental health.

Below are few actionable suggestions/methods that can help you improving your mental fitness. All these suggestions are summarized in a short article, however, you can do further research on these areas for more understanding and how to improve mental fitness.

1. Read, Read and Read

There is a strong relationship between reading and mental fitness. Lot of literature is available on this. Reading will improve your mental health if the reading material is positive and inspirational. Always choose material for reading in your area of interests. You must really enjoy what you reading. Reading will help you in exploring new ideas.

Reading material that are boring or pessimistic would have negative effect on your mental state. Try to avoid all these reading materials. Choose those materials that help you in maintaining a peaceful state of mind.

2. Walking or Jogging (30 minutes only)

Just walk for 30 minutes today and see the results.

The correlation between exercise and mental well-being has been proven by the research. It will help you boosting your positivity and reducing stress. You don’t need any heavy weight exercise, only a 30 minutes walking or jogging can have a tremendous effect on the way you feel mentally. Make a schedule for a 30 minutes exercise twice or thrice in a week and stay fit mentally.  

3. You Need Good Habits to be Mentally Strong

Remember, good habits pushing you forward while bad habits holding you back and causing you depressed and feel bad about yourself. Bad habits and harmful practices have negative effects on your mental health. Almost everyone on this planet have one or more habits. Overcoming bad habits can always be a real struggle. The best way to overcome a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. This is one of the best method to get rid of a bad habit and live a successful life.

4. Foods will Certainly Make a Difference

Foods have direct impact on your mental health. Always stick to eat real food. Throw out the junk food to experience positive mental health. This is just a hint, you need more research on the relationship between healthy foods and mental fitness. If you eliminate food that are harmful, it will definitely improve your mental health.    

5. You also need Setting Goals with Deadlines

You will feel like a winner when you achieve your goal. You will feel happy and positive about yourself. Setting goals and working everyday towards them is the key for your success. To keep your mind focused you always need a goal. If you achieve your goals, you will feel like a winner but if you fail you will learn something valuable about yourself. It will be a new experience and you will learn a lot from it. So set a goal and start work for them today and see the results.

6. The Magic of Positive Thinking (Positive Affirmations)

How to improve mental fitness is not a big deal you just need to practice positive thinking. Positive mental attitude will help you to get success. You can use positive affirmation to improve all aspects of your life. The act of making positive statements about yourself to yourself you can reprogram your brain to overcome unhealthy habits and increase your productivity and control harmful emotions. You can check for affirmations online or create affirmations by yourself and also teach those affirmations to your students, friends and children. Repeat it to yourself or write it frequently. It will also help you in making decisions.

  • I’ll work hard and will start my own business.
  • I am the best and I like myself.
  • Yes, I can do it.
  • I am not afraid of anything.
  • I can do anything.
  • I love my work.

Don’t let bad affirmations in your mind.

By: Mameen Khan

3 thoughts on “How to Improve Mental Fitness?

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    I value your opinion, you hit a very important point over here that walk has a great impact on our mental health.
    I would like to add some thing over here, that’s is try to walk in such a place where there is greenery because walk through a crowd make a person more exhausted, upset and bothered.
    Song C, Ikei H, Park BJ, Lee J, Kagawa T, Miyazaki Y. Psychological Benefits of Walking through Forest Areas. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018 Dec 10;15(12):2804. doi: 10.3390/ijerph15122804. Erratum in: Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Feb 18;17(4): PMID: 30544682; PMCID: PMC6313311.


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