Mindsets that Make you Poor

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1. Poor in Spirit:

There are some bad mindsets that make you poor.

Do you know some people who walk around all day? They just look defeated because they made some mindsets that make them hopeless. There are some bad mindsets that make you poor.

They are saying to you why bother trying? They have lost hope. May be they have burned before or they have failed before or they have made mistakes before but now they have all given up. They are saying to you all times “Oh, it can’t be done. Its impossible. Hey don’t even try that. I tried that before. You see just because they cannot do something. Now they are selling you they are telling you why you can’t do it either. They are poor in spirit.

2. Poor in Love

You can see most of the people, I believe, they don’t love themselves enough. I don’t mean arrogance, self-arrogance. I am writing about self-love because growing up we don’t get enough love from other people. For most of us there is guy I used to know who had experience multiple breakups and now he does not trust relationship anymore and does not trust women anymore because he worries to get hurt. And I believe hurt people you can see on his face when you look at him, he does not smile. And without happiness, there is no life. Think about it, if you have given a choice, if you could have $1 million dollars for the rest of your life. You have $1 million dollars, but in exchange you could no longer intimacy, you can no longer have relationship with anybody else. You can no longer love in exchange $1 million dollars. Would you take it? You would not because life without love means very little and how could you give love. Since you cannot offer what you do not own, how can you give love if you do not possess it yourself? If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others?

3. Poor in Wisdom:

There are some people who are dumb. There are some people who are aware of their ignorance. There are people who are dumb, thinking they are smart and there are people who are smart but playing dumb. You want to be the fourth type. When I am writing about wisdom, I am not just writing about knowledge because knowledge does not equal wisdom. I don’t just mean being intelligent in the classroom. I am writing about way more than that because as human being, if you are talking to people that they are not growing, they are not learning, they are not becoming better every single day. When you talk to them, do you know what I am writing about? That is lacks depth. They are talking about the weather, they are chit chating about their problems, they are talking about their jobs. It is very tasteless. You don’t want to do that. Wisdom is very different from knowledge. Knowledge tells what you can do but wisdom is the ability to recognize when not to do it. Knowledge is daily increase while wisdom is daily decrease.

4. Poor in Character:

They lie, cheat, and steal. They lack integrity. They make you a promise and then break that commitment. Here I want to say about the basic character.

And you can never depend on any of these folks. You cannot trust them. You cannot rely on them. They say that they shall back you up, but they never back you up. Basic integrity is poor.

5. Poor in Habits:

They are lazy and procrastinate. They value comfort instead of freedom and success. They take drugs, they smoke and they drink. Stay away from those people. You should see that you are a product of your environment. You cannot help the people but be influenced by them around you.

Successful people just simply have better habits. That is it. So stay away from those people.

6. Poor in Attitude:

You see what is the most contagious is not a positive attitude. It is a negative attitude. These are the energy drainers. They sap your life force and zap your energy from you. Whenever you have a conversation with them, after the conversation you feel like you need to take a shower because all their bullshits and negativity.

7: Poor in Finance:

They don’t like money. They don’t want to talk about money. They don’t know anything about money. They don’t know how to save money. They don’t know how to invest money. They lack money because they are unable to make more money. Think about that how many people like that around you.

These are some mindsets that make you poor. So I am advising all people around me that avoid these mindsets that make you poor.

Now the question is how to fix these mentalities?

If I have some of these poor mentalities then what do I need to do?

I would do that and I am giving it to you as a small challenge.

I call that 50 videos is a challenge. We have best personalities, lecturers, motivational experts and many more.  Watch 50 videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/ or on any other flat form in the next 7 days and see it will change your mentality, your attitude, your mindset, your habits and your spirit.

Accept the challenge and change your life.

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