The Greatest Of Evil And The Worst Of Crime Is Poverty

the greatest of evil and the worst of crime is poverty

The Greatest Of Evil And The Worst Of Crime Is Poverty

The condition of having less resources or lack of basic needs for surviving a life is something we call poverty. These resources may include money, house, food, clothes, basic education and health. It is a complex state, having social, economic and political aspects.

Poverty has adverse effects on individual’s physical, social and psychological health. One of the main reason of crippled nation is found to be the high percentage of poverty. Poverty leads to crime, unemployment, discrimination, health problems and low literacy rate.

Bad sanitation, unhygienic food and deprivation from health care centers leads to many serious diseases. Poor people are generally weak and often more susceptible to many health problems due to poor housing. Deprivation from private or public jobs make them psychologically criminal because they will try to get food or money either by right or wrong way. As Marcus Aurelius says, “Poverty is the mother of crime”.

Often poor communities are not accepted by middle and upper class people. Lack of basic education and the discrimination of poor and rich is the cause of bad brought up which indirectly leads to child labor. Instead of attending schools, their children do hard works to support family and fulfill their basic needs. Poverty leads to low self-esteem which is a risk factor mental health, suicide, crime and other psychological problems. As a result, not only the individual but the whole society is affected.

The curse of poverty is the main reason for the downfall of nation. The most dangerous consequence of poverty is the division of nation; division into rich and poor, educated and illiterate, and master and servant. This division results in discrimination and inequality of resources. On the other hand, poor infrastructure, unemployment and the matter of self-esteem invoke domestic violence, civil disorders and disagreement with the establishment.

In short, poverty is the greatest of evil and the worst of crime. If there is poverty, the nation could not pursue towards success due to individual problems, social derangement and national impoverishment. To get rid of these curses, poverty must be eradicated.

Author: Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah

About the Author:

Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah is the student of Bachelors in Vision Sciences studying in Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology (PICO) HMC. Being the student of Medical Sciences he is interested in writing articles, essays and researches. He is the Grandson of Israr Ur Rehman (Israr Da Toru), a very good poet and writer and has educational background especially in religious matters. Having a literary background he has good skills of reading, writing, listening and teaching.

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Of Evil And The Worst Of Crime Is Poverty

  1. Shah Saud

    I recently had the good fortune of reading your article regarding poverty ,the greatest of evil. It was well-written and contained sound, practical advice. In fact, I have already benefited from similar discussion on poverty versus societies . You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come.
    I look forward to reading your next informative work.
    Thank you.


    Indeed, Poverty is the worst form of violencce once said by Mahatma Gandhi. We have try to figure out why does this disease is spreading day by day in our country? Why the cables of poverty are expanded day by day? Why we are not able to cut it down……
    There is a dire need of it to cut the cables of poverty by the sharp ideas of running our own business.


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