The Pride of Pakhtunkhwa

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The Pride of Pakhtunkhwa

The Pride of Pakhtunkhwa

On behalf of Writers Club Pakistan management committee, staff and members, I would like to congratulate Mr. Abaseen Yousafzai for nomination for Pride of Performance award.

It’s a journey of more than 40-years. His hard work, love with motherland and consistent efforts for the promotion of Pashto literature have finally recognized by the state and he really deserve this recognition. He is a renowned poet, literary critic, column writer, anchor-person and research scholar. He is associated with literary organizations, newspapers, magazines, radio & TV and have carried out hundreds of literary and cultural activities in the province.

Mr. Abaseen has a charismatic personality, well-spoken and possessing power of influence. He has millions of followers and especially, the young poets and writers idealizes him. You will always feel love, peace and nationalism in his poetry. He is the pride of Pakhtunkhwa.

Birth Place
Lower Dir, Village Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Birth Year

– LLB from Peshawar University in 1986
– Master in Pashto literature in 1988.
– PhD in Pashto in 2016.

Current Profession
– Head Department of Pashto.
– Incharge of Historic Khyber Union of the Islamia College University Peshawar.

Pashto Poetry Books:
1) Ghurzangoona (Pub: 1994)
2) Alwat (Pub: 2005).
3) Maraam (Pub: 2016)

Prose Books:
1) Ruhnama (Pub: 2002)
2) Zaitoon Bano Fun aur Shaksiat (Urdu, Pub: 2008),
3) Khubatte Imam Khataab (Pashto Translation, Pub:2010)
4) Sadako’s Prayer (Pasho Translation, Pub: 2012)
5) Understanding FATA, (Pashto Translation, Pub: 2012)
6) Da Pakhtunkhwa Baani (Pashto Profile, Pub: 2016)
7) Pukhtoon Hamza (Pashto research – Under Pub)

Radio & TV Programs
He has anchored popular Pashto and Urdu shows including Wagme, Trang, Yadgerana, Ghazalzar and Shar-e-Insaniat on the state run radio and TV.

1) Presidential award by the Government of Afghanistan
2) Best Teacher Award from Teaching Staff Association Islamia College University of Peshawar
3) Recently nominated for Pride of Performance, Pakistan.

By: Akbar Hoti

The Author is a professional writer and Chairman Writers Club Pakistan. His detail profile is available in Writers Directory.

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