WCP Award

WCP Award

The Writers Club Pakistan has launched a competition based “WCP Award” to motivate and highlight young talent of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The competition will be held multiple times in a calendar year on different subjects. Poets will be asked to submit their written materials within 10 days after the announcement date. The 3-member jury will select top 3 written materials for online voting. General public will be asked and mobilized to vote for their best contents. The time period for online voting will be 3 days. The winner of the competition will receive “WCP Award”.

Ghazal Competition:


The first competition of Writers Club Pakistan was on Ghazal. The last date for submission of “Ghazal” was 14-September 2020 and the theme of competition was “PEACE”. Following was the eligibility criteria for the Ghazal competition.

Eligibility Criteria for Ghazal Competition:

  1. Age limit for participation in competition is 35 years.
  2. The Ghazal must cover the selected theme.
  3. Ghazal must be cleared and typed on computer (not scanned).

Competition Details

Total 11 poets submitted their Ghazal for competition in which 3 Ghazal were selected by the Jury for online voting. The Ghazals of the following poets were selected for the online voting:

1. Mr. Jibran Ullah Jan
2. Mr. Muhammad Kamran
3. Miss. Zainab Haya

General public were asked for online voting. Total 314 peoples caste their vote in which Mr. Muhammad Kamran recieved155 vote, Mr. Jibran Ullah Jan received 145 votes and Miss Zainab Haya received 14 votes. Mr. Muhammad Kamran has won the first Ghazal competition with 10 votes.

About the Winner

Mr. Muhammad Kamran is a young poets living in district Mardan. He is a registered member of Writers Club Pakistan.

Next Competition

Next competition will be on “Essay”. The management committee will announce competition date, theme and eligibility very soon and all club members will be informed accordingly.

Please register with Writers Club Pakistan to participate in the upcoming club competitions.