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The Writers Club Pakistan is an online platform for promoting writing industry in Pakistan. The Club is currently working to develop a Writers Directory for all Pakistani Writers for the purpose to engage them in the implementation of different activities. As registered Club member you will have the opportunity to participate in Club activities and to serve the communities through your writings. You will be part of a professional writing community and the Club will help you in developing your writing skills.

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Writers Club Pakistan Activities

1) Registration of Writers

The club will register all Pakistani writers. This is an ongoing process and all Pakistani will be invited to join the Writers Club Pakistan. Read more>>

2) Writers Directory

The Writers Directory contained detail profiles of Writers covering name of writers, gender, domicile, cell, email address, Facebook page link, current profession, qualification, languages, fields of writing, writing experience, published work and career summary. The Writers Directory is searchable so that the general public could easily search for their concerned Writers. Read more>>

3) Latest Articles

The Writers Club Pakistan is working to promote Pakistani Writings. To achieve this goal, the Writers Club Pakistan has given this facility to all registered writers to publish their latest articles. Read more>>

4) Club News

Club news relevant to writing industry will be shared with all registered writers and general public to keep them updated about everything happening in the field. Read more>>

5) Upcoming Books

In this section of the website, all updates about new upcoming books will be shared with general public. Read more>>

6) WCP Award

This is an online competition based award system to motivate and highlight young talent. The competition will be held multiple times in a calendar year on different subjects. Writers will be asked to submit their written materials within 10 days after the announcement date. The 3-member jury will select top 3 written materials for online voting. General public will be asked and mobilized to vote for their best contents. The time period for online voting will be 3 days. The winner of the competition will receive “WCP Award”. Read more>>