Covid-19 Pandemic – Expression of Nature’s Fury against Humans

Covid-19 Pandemic Expression of Natures Fury against Humans

Just as Covid-19 Pandemic, throughout the history of mankind disease outbreaks have ravaged the humanity several times. Around 5000 years ago a pandemic called Circa swiped out a prehistoric village in China. According to archeological and anthropological studies circa spared none of the age group. At regular intervals, a number of outbreaks caused significant social, economic and political disruption. In recent history, Spanish flu infected a third of the world population and killed as many as 50 million in the waning years of World War-1.

In the last few decades the frequency of pandemic has increased tremendously, for example Spanish Flu, AIDS, H1N1 Swine Flu, Ebola Pandemic, and Zika Virus risked the humanity and left the world vulnerable. The increasing frequency of outbreaks is alarming and a threat to human life and it needs our immediate attention.

Once again the world is passing through a stage of medical emergency due to covid-19 Pandemic, leaving deaths and mayhem in its wake. It paralyzed the world and pushed people toward self-quarantine. In the present day world a single kiss, breath and a handshake can put others at risk. This question is pendulating in every mind: “Is this pandemic a response to human transgression toward mother nature? The answer to this basic question is the need of the hour.

Civilization, industrialization and urbanization of the modern world are putting greater pressure on Mother Nature. Urbanization has brought more and more people in denser neighborhood which eases the spread of disease outbreaks. The shift of population from rural to urban areas puts strain on sanitation, giving rise to water borne diseases. The increased food demand of city dwellers causes farmers to grow more food, with more animals, making them likely to spend more time with animals, a second source of infectious diseases.

Overpopulation has increased the demand of land required for the people to house them. Man has encroached on new uninhabited territory, such as forest. The new environment has brought new animals in contact with humans, and inevitably new infections, for example Lassa fever that spread by contact with the faces of infected rodents.

Climatic change like global warming encourages outbreaks through heat waves and flooding. The growing trade and global traveling fuel the spread of these infectious diseases.

At this time when governments and organizations around the globe ask the citizens to practice social distancing, Mother Nature bathed in her own blood is healing herself. She is enjoying calm and sound world, having no stress at all. Silently Mother Nature is addressing the humans to rethink over their transgression otherwise the response can be harsher.

By: Zarak Khan

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  1. muhammad noman khalil

    good job bro proud on you, you elaborate my thinking about the current situation, best of luck for your rest of life

  2. Ghulam Khaliq

    You have highlighted very important issues. Sustainability & Eco Friendly environment are the need of hour. Good Job Mr. Zarak.


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