Entrepreneurship and Culture

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Entrepreneurship and Culture

Entrepreneurship and Culture

Entrepreneurship and Culture: Entrepreneurship is the process of planning, beginning and operation of a new business, initially on a small and medium scale, and having ability to provide goods, services or both. Cultural entrepreneurship on the other hand involves developing new business startups based on the cultural and creative potential of the region and capitalizing on the idea resulting in economic activity. Thus not only it helps in the promotion of culture and creative sector, but at the same time plays vital role in the social and economic development of the region in the form of establishment of identity as well as generation of wealth and employment opportunities.

Latest developments in the technological components, entrepreneurship opportunities in Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI) sector have been increased and thus opening up of a new approach towards the economic activity generation and dissemination of cultural content. The strategies adopted, while realizing the opportunities of entrepreneurship, includes innovation of a product, process improvement, using of technologies, developing new products (or services) etc.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CCI Profile

The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a very rich and diverse heritage in the Creative & Cultural Industries sector. It is evident by the operation of small and medium clusters that are spread throughout the province and includes craft industries (woodwork, metal work, leather work, textile, pottery, glass work, stone work, mosaic, mizary work, cane/straw work, Karakul making and so on other craft industries) Visual art sector (paintings, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, drawings etc), performing arts (Music, theater, instrumental music, dramas, films, dances, etc) and cuisine/gastronomy. Some of the famous cultural industries that are evident in the region includes leather work clusters in Charsada & Peshawar, Embroidery/Phulkari/Crochet clusters in Haripur, Abbottabad, DI Khan & Swat, Textile Work Cluster in Charsada, Swat & Chitral and Metal work cluster in Peshawar in the form of Bazar-e-Misgaran which is on the verge of extinction. KP’s creative sector is very rich and has several varieties, yet very less penetrated in the context of entrepreneurship. However some ambitious startups are operating and doing their best to exploit the sector and promote culture as well as develop economy.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Small medium startups are always attractive and requires less investment, as well as easily manageable. Keeping in view the rich diversity of this province’s cultural and creative sector, there are numerous entrepreneurship opportunities available that can be capitalized upon. Not only the sector in the province offers decorative items, but also consumable and usable items such as metals works, pottery, textile and leather works etc. All of these products are handmade, or with simple tools, having no or very low impact on the environment, and produces zero to low wastage.

However the design of these products is always open to improve and can be adjusted according to the needs of consumer and market trends. A potential entrepreneur can take advantage of this opportunity by introducing innovation into the design, as well as procedures of product making and brand development. Handmade products are highly regarded and appreciated throughout the world, thus creating a profitable opportunity as well as at the same time providing sustainability option.
With the help of modern technological development in media and digital technology, the opportunities can further be exploited with introduction of e-commerce and online selling thus reducing the influence of middlemen, and promoting the social and economic life of artisans.


The government shall establish certain steps and procedures to tap on the potential of entrepreneurship in the CCI sector of the province. Following steps, including but not limited to, may be incorporated for a conducive environment of CCI with the help of entrepreneurship:

  1. Provision of Business friendly environment, particularly for small medium enterprises, to stimulate entrepreneurship opportunities;
  2. Provision of tax amenities and financing amenities for new startups in the CCI sector;
  3. Investment in latest technological developments, particularly E-Commerce and Digital Technology;
  4. Enforcement and awareness of copyrights, intellectual rights and patents laws to protect new knowledge development from piracy and theft;
  5. Promotion of KP CCI sector throughout the development and non-development spending of the government;
  6. Sharing of latest information and research about KP CCI sector through all available mediums particularly success stories;
  7. Promotion of entrepreneurship to general public, particularly to youth, to transform a massive youth sector into a resourceful youth force that constructively contribute towards economic development;
  8. Provision of adequate infrastructure and institutional arrangements including mentoring, training, regulatory framework, human capital development and a knowledge sharing environment to promote innovation.

By following some of the above steps, the province may be able to reap on the benefits of a robust creative sector.

By: Abdul Latif

Note: The article Entrepreneurship and Culture was written by the Author for formulation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture Policy 2018, Directorate of Culture Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is part of that policy. The Author is registered member of Writers Club Pakistan and his detailed profile is available in Writers Directory.

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