Fundamental Rights

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Fundamental Rights

Without fundamental rights, individuals are controlled by their masters. Hakim Stayton is of the view that “It is more than petitions, it is a value a person desires in mandate to protect himself so that he can retain his life and improve it as well as mature his personality”.

Rights imply obligation of another individual and community not to inhibit actions of individuals and even need to help them. A person’s right to do something indicates that there are another person’s as well as society’s responsibilities to support what is being done by each of them.

For example, if one person has the right to live, this means that others do not have the liberty to kill him. If an individual has a fundamental rights within a social order to free and formal education, this means that other associates of that society or social world have responsibility to compensate levies and taxes in order to pay the costs of that educational and scholastic right.

Donelly (1985) highlighted two (2) concepts of right: politics and moral significations a right is seen as a moral truth that “it is not a good thing to do” a right is also seen as appropriateness as in the demand ‘I have the rights to. Many of the social thinkers are on the view that rights come from society and within society.

Every right has definite responsibility. Your rights are my obligation/duty. A right is not a claim. It is fixed socially. A right must be in line with public interest. A nation state does not shape up rights, it only reserves and synchronizes rights which are socially and publicly used. A right must be clear and precise, especially in defining it. A right tends to develop. The explanation of right (Haq) in Islam means: “real fact” or “truth” in terms of Islamic shariah (hukm): “truth” or anything which is related to facts.

Ahmad Jalal Hammad on the other hand saw “right” (Haq), a “strength”, and “claim” as of other definitions that are more prominent than “Haq”. A Scholar Mohammad Imarah is on the opinion that human rights in the religion Islam are not only circulated but must be implemented and sheltered in individual, society and government levels. It is a debauchery or sin to violate and disrupt them.

Haq used in Quranic language has the same meaning with “obligation”.  Al-Darini summarized the definition of “Haq” as:  a specific reward or the enforcement of control over something or a claim to other party which allowed by the Shariah whose objective is to get certain interest. The most vital and significant thing is that it must guarantee and reassure the interest and well-being of Muslims communally. Do you think that the universal danger is ignoring human rights violation? Do you wish to be one of the individuals who arise and made change or do you silent just wish to be seated aside and lease your life right before your eyes.

By: Syeda Ayesha Tayyib

About the Author:

Syeda Ayesha Tayib is an elementary education graduate from University of Education Lahore. Recently she is graduated from Pakistan first ranked university, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan in English literature. she worked for elementary children at Narowal, she is waiting to be excited to find her first teaching position for the coming school year. she has several original lesson plans which she created during her teaching internship and she look forward to implement.

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