New Bloc of Muslim Countries

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New Bloc of Muslim Countries

New Bloc of Muslim Countries

All over the world there are 57 Muslim countries. These countries are facing many internal and external challenges. Although there are some inter-governmental bodies such as organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC), Arab League, and African union and Gulf cooperation council to deal with the problems of Muslim countries. However, these organizations do not play its actual role in the unification of Muslim countries. The failure pf existing bloc is due to dysfunctional organization of Islamic cooperation OIC and crisis in the Middle East has resulted in making new bloc of the Muslim countries. Pakistan as Islamic state and because of its geo-strategic location has to play a vital role in the new bloc of Muslim countries. Muslim countries need serious attention. The heads of the Muslim countries must unite and to come up with the policy to protect the interest of the Muslim world.

Muslim world refers to the community of Muslim states. Historically, Muslim world had played a greater role in the entire world. Muslims had made its identity in context of education, ruling the regimes and so on. But then due to disintegration Muslim world lagged to progress.  Muslim countries are facing overwhelming internal challenges. The most important internal challenge includes corruption. Corruption is the main root cause to halt the development of the state. The other challenges are the economic, extremism, internal state conflicts and political instability. Because of these internal challenges Muslim countries suffers with a lot of external challenges as well. The influence of super powers in the Muslim countries increases. The economic crises of the Muslim countries made them to have agreements with international organizations like International monetary fund IMF and World Bank. Such challenges increase the influence of foreign countries and then due to external pressure they had to take care of others interest instead of its own national interest.

There are some inter-governmental bodies exist for the downfall of any Muslim country. If any of Muslim country is in crisis or needs help such organizations will treat them with full cooperation.

Organization of Islamic cooperation was founded in 1969. It consists of 57 member states. Organization of Islamic cooperation still exists but does not seem to be working in real form. Saudi Arabia is the main member of organization. However, in the current politics it seems that Saudi Arabia has changed its policies towards Muslim states. Saudi Arabia may have some internal issues or external pressures but it had made the organization unworkable.

Arab league is a regional organization of Muslim countries. Initially it had 6 member states but now it rises to 22 member states. The goal of the Arab league is to maintain a good relation among Arab countries. The Arab league is also formed to help its member states economically and to protect independence and sovereignty of its member states.

African union is the organization of African states. It consists of 55 member states. The main objective of the union is to maintain unity among the African states. The union is formed, to cooperate, in the development of each, member state and to protect the sovereignty of each other. But due to union of its African states it cannot voice the cries of Muslim Ummah.

Gulf cooperation council is the regional inter-governmental body of the Arab states. It was founded in 1981. It includes all Gulf States except Iraq. The main purpose of the council is to maintain coordination, integration and friendly relation among member states. It also aims to strengthen ties among the people of the member states and to promote economy, trade, tourism and so on.

Hence, there are concerns about the emergence of new Muslim bloc as the situations are going that way. It would be better for the Muslim world to rethink and find best solution to move forward within the existing bloc of OIC. Saudi Arabia is having a leading role in Muslim world; it must revive its policies to protect the organization from vanishing and to save the Muslim world from dividing into two blocs.

By: Aimal Khan Mandoori

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