Shakila Naz – A Prominent Pashto Singer

Shakila Naz – A Prominent Pashto Singer

Shakila Naz – A Prominent Pashto Singer

Shakila Naz was born on 3rd March 1964 at Par Hoti Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the family of Faqir Mohammad. She is graduated and currently living in Peshawar.

Shakila Naz started her artistic career from Pakistan Television Peshawar Center in the year of 1984. She has learned early singing from his father, Faqir Muhammad who was an expert harmonium player of his time.

When Shakila Naz gained popularity in the music world, she had got opportunity to meet and learn from Rafiq Shinwari and Rahadat Hussain.

She has sung hundreds of songs from the platform of Pakistan television, most of which have become classics, and has gained worldwide fame. From 1984 till now, she has also given great performances on Radio Pakistan and on stage as well. Her popular song are:

1. Bia Kady baregee, pare wachwala aukhanu ke

2. Ma kway mana taposona, na kom yaree

3. Hase pa khula wayam che kha teregee

4. Stargo da janan ke zama khukly jehanoona de

5. Bia mazeegar shu da nazar da swazido yara da

6. Da yaranu pa nazar ke che be lar yu

7. Gul bashry dagha gul de bas ka nur mashkwa gul

The above songs are still being aired on government and non-government channels time and again. Many other singers have also gained a lot of fame with the songs sung by Shakila Naz.

According to PTV and radio records, thousands of letters came from thousands of viewers and listeners to order Shakila Naz’s song and this series is still going on. From 1987 to 1998, she recorded more than fifty musical albums. Those days, her albums received positive response from the listeners.

In the 1980s, she also acted as a heroine in PTV dramas. In the National Circuit her dramas included Paved Road, Bina Na Bina, and Mann is worth mentioning. She played a leading role in the Pashto drama Bandiwan from PTV Peshawar Center.

In the 1980s, she was awarded the “Khyber Award” by the Halqa Adab w Saqafat (Registered), and she was also awarded the Gold Medal by Fikr-o-Fan Punjab. Shakila Naz received the Living Human Treasure Award twice from the Directorate of Culture, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

She has also received awards and certificates of appreciation from a number of organizations.

Shakeela Naz used to represent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in all the programs held in the country in the eighties and nineties. In the year 2000, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has awarded her the National Greatness Award, which no one has received before.

In recognition of her best career in music field, Cultural and Social organizations have conducted special events inside and outside the country in which well-known writers, poets, musicians, journalists and personalities from various walks of life have paid tribute to Shakila Naz.

By: Akbar Hoti

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Shakila Naz – A Prominent Pashto Singer

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