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CSS Exam Preparation

Learn CSS Exam Preparation Tips – The Story of a CSS Qualifier

My Experience of CSS Exam Preparation

I am penning down my experience of CSS Exam Preparation Tips. Also, I’ll endeavor to answer a few queries usually raised by aspirants: how to ace the exam; what to do and what not to do; handling pressure during exam & preparation, material and books to use?

Each CSS Aspirant has a Distinctive Story

CSS is not a bed of roses; and, at the very same time it is also a piece of cake. Two very unparalleled and contradictory thoughts, isn’t it? I never visit CSA but if you get a chance, you will meet different aspirants there, each with his own unique and distinctive story. Some made it to it, effortlessly and comfortably; whereas others had their all energies drained in a course of 3, 4 and 5 years to make it to the elite academy. This is very clear that you will not find a simple and easy straightforward way to prepare or pass the CSS exam. But, there are certain qualities one has to inculcate and embed firmly within, to make it happen. Those qualities will transform into hard work and consistency which will ultimately lead to your success. Ponder over it, and you will understand.

Hard Work and Struggle

Undoubtedly, passing the exam is an achievement in its own. It is basically the efforts, hard work and struggle that works and counts. It is this efforts and hard work that finally become our memories and we learn a lot from it. Certainly, the harder you strive, the more you enjoy. Believe me. CSS is not a religion; that the beliefs of which could be imposed on someone. Multiple times, I have asked my sister to start preparation for CSS examination but she never agreed. The reasons might be, she is not knowing the perks or may be my hard work and efforts, or prioritizing other things over CSS. You cannot force someone for CSS as its preparation required hard work and dedication. It’s not a matter of one day or a month.

Maintain Your Study Routine (The Key)

Waking up at 6 and sleeping at 11 is not an easy task. This is not an easy task to maintain a very tedious routine. Gathering, studying and analyzing books having bunch of knowledge, data and statistics is a tiresome job. Holding on to that strenuous pressure is laborious, sometimes ending up with serious repercussions. Isolation for time unmemorable helps in manufacturing psychopaths. You need to be prepared, to become one.


It is motivation alone, coming from within and not without, making it possible for one to step up. Motivation is the key factor that this hard work would have benefits and something big will be achieved in near future. Once you feel the need of changing the status quo, you are into the game.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Moving on to what lays within the word ‘CSS’. The only thing you need to work on is your writing. So that, the capability of expressing thoughts in grammatically correct and descent English is established within you. That’s all you need to work on, if I am not exaggerating. And, you need to practice writing; because, it alone can rescue you from failing.

Importance of Your Own Opinion

You must have the ability and approach of developing your own opinion regarding different issues and matter. Standing by your stance, proving it with logic and rationale based on facts and figures, is all one needs. It’s not the usual copy paste of the rotted material; it’s reading as much as one can, and then reproducing the same in one’s own judicious way.

Materials and Books to Use

There always a confusion among aspirants about preparation materials. For me, the best material one should concern is the ‘recommended books’ by FPSC. Don’ search a shortcut way like using notes, guides etc. and you will find nothing like this. Read as much as you can to understand the world. Study books about Pakistan. Just try to make a sense out of everything.

Choosing Optional Subjects

The most important thing is choosing optional subjects. Never ever pick your optional subjects randomly. Try not to opt for easier subjects, but for interesting ones. If you have an inbuilt interest for a subject, start nurturing it today. Without falling in the trap of boredom, you will be able to read a lot more. For example, I opted for Pashto. Being Pukhtoon, I knew yours truly have inherited nationalist traits. So, the ground was fertile to nurture it. Honestly speaking, I didn’t even know how to write in Pashto. What I knew was: I do have love, deep inside, for my own language. I started from class-1 Pashto book. I used to read it and then practiced writing through mere imitating. And, today I know more than one with a master degree in Pashto. Thus, it is the interest which entails motivation.

CSS Exam Preparation Tips for Reading

Reading could play a vital role in CSS Exam Preparation. Develop a habit of reading. One, who reads more, succeeds in the test. You will also need to improve your General Knowledge. To pass a CSS exam, one needs consistency, hard work and sometimes luck would also have a role.

Managing Difficult Situations during Preparation Phase

During the CSS Exam Preparation, on certain occasions when you will bore and get fed up, try to handle this situation. Try different ways for cheering yourself up like reading your favorite books. Finding a way out through movies, seasons, and friends never help. Remember, once you’ve decided to sit in the exam, there shouldn’t be an escape route: all doors locked, all tunnels blocked and all bridges broken. It’s only books and you, till the very last day of the exam. Also, as earlier said, do not mislead yourself with superstitious fantasies. Never allow yourself to be de-tracked with flopped words. Most importantly, do not take advice from everyone. Remember, too much cooks spoil the broth. Find your own path, make your own way and, win the race.

CSS Exam Preparation Tips for Essay

Moving on to essay, that’s the only part you need coaching for. You need guidance and coaching regarding understanding essay writing. Be expressive in your essay. Stay away from illogical and baseless content. Controlled writing should be your utmost concern while attempting this paper. Secondly, write as many essays as you can. I wrote more than 40 essays. And, it helped a lot. Do nurture your base.

General knowledge will help you in this exam and especially it will help in writing and preparation for essay. Improve General Knowledge as much as you can.

What more can I say, what more should I say? You would have heard a lot about CSS Exam Preparation Tips. That’s enough. I don’t need to thrust upon those ideas and thoughts. I don’t write for the sake of writing, but for the sake of understanding.

Start today, believe me you can do it. Just isolate, start reading, believe and motivate yourself and make it happen.

CSS Exam Preparation Tips By: Signing off, Lord A.

The Pride of Pakhtunkhwa

5 thoughts on “CSS Exam Preparation Tips

  1. Saif

    Beautiful article!

    However, the difficult vocabulary and too much semicolon made the sentences extremely complex. Hence, making it difficult to be an enjoyable experience. Generally, we focus on fancy English vocabulary and complex sentence structure. Yet, it’s not been advised and the reason being an examiner/reader could be a common person and won’t be able to engage with you. Still, at the end of the day, it’s your article and your choice and you’re free to do anything you prefer.

    P.s: CSS qualifier would always suggest you be more simple yet grammatically flawless!

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