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A Good Trainer : Learn strategies and techniques to become a Good Trainer.

1. Firstly who are you training?

This can always be demanded as the fantastic and inspired rule of trainings. Since you have been selected to train or teach a cluster of people, I am supposing that you determine the theme you are working to train about and you are notorious as an expert. That formulates the salvation of the training. It is important to understand the audience. It will help you to formulate different strategies for providing a better training to your audience.

That is the leading motive most of the trainers ask the assemblage to familiarize themselves and describe the reason what encourages them to join the training.

Bottom-line; if you do not identify the profile of the listeners simply do not continue.

2. Humor adds life to your training

To better make this engrossed in your understanding let me say Humor adds life because it keeps your audience awake: A good joke cracked at the right time refreshes the whole environment. Though there are certain precautions to be taken on this humor driven communication.

I have attended model presentations where funniness was not just to make atmosphere lively but also to spread the memorizing time of the topic.

It’s better to discuss and talk about best practices for a business rather than discussing about wrong and right. Creating parody in the right way too makes a person remember. Bottom line Hilarity is key; it has to be appropriate, vigorous and significant.

3. Good Training is all about engagement

Training is obviously a vital activity but receiving training is not all the time so sensational. Why? As for most of the time it is submissive. For a good training, you shouldn’t follow the traditional way of training, your method of teaching. You have to follow a method to engage your audience at maximum level.

The more the audience will be engaged, the more active they will be. So as a trainer you have to keep eye contact, practice the complete presentation, energetically listen, change slides accordingly, use the whole range, and a cluster of few more things how can you focus and make sure that all listeners are truly listening to you? Bottom-line Engagement is not only good to have excellence it’s a compulsion and obligatory.

4. Show them the real world

Try to answer this tough question, what is more interesting – watching Jurassic Park or understanding a new business process that your team has to comply to? Well that was easy. That’s what happens. If the listeners understand the value and importance of the training and still they are not active, the responsibility is on you. Try to create a Jurassic park!

Derive maximum examples as possible. Try to clear the perceptions to which the audience associates. Tell stories, Create scenes, make relative similarities. Bottom line if you magnet the images in the listeners minds you guarantee that they remember the content.

5. Ask the right question

As trainer we are very much captivated in answering the questions. Resolving doubts is that really required? Understand this – which concept they will understand more, answering them or the one they understand? That’s a tricky question of course. I believe making the audience derive an answer by themselves will make them have connected with it. Finally they have derived the answer.

How that is done? I incline to irritated questions the one who raises a hesitation. While answering my cross questions I lead the person to derive answer to his question. That way not only he understands the concept far better, even I win an image of an expert for myself (whether I am or not? that really doesn’t matter). Bottom line, it is not almost the right answers; it is about the right question.


There are a heck lot of more tips that are buzzing around my ears right now, but let’s put it to the part two of this blog. Next time when we discuss this topic we would probably have tips as one liner and try to compile as much relevant tips as possible.

While waiting for, what about your training involvement, do you feel uninterested in certain types of trainings. Have you been a trainer? How will you refresh trainings in that case? The pointer goes to you, comment on this blog and let me know your views about the same.

By: Shah Saud Toru (PhD Scholar)


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11 thoughts on “A Good Trainer

  1. Abdullah

    “Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.” “This has more than met my expectations.” “A wonderfully practical course – both personally and professionally.


    First of all, I would like to thank the writer who touched on such a good topic. The answer to the writer’s question is that I have never trained anyone on such a large scale, but I have done a little on a small scale. January (28-29) was the anniversary plus two days training(NATIONAL YOUTH SYMPOSIUM) by our organization i.e AID INTERNATIONAL which was attended by people from all walks of life. The names of some of them are imprinted on my mind. Prof. Dr. Asif Khan Khattak(Environmentalist from Uop), Shakeel Ahmad(chairman of social work department UOP), Aqsa Iqbal, Afsar Afghan and Shafiq Gigyani . There were many more valuable people for mentioning their names I have to tease my mind a little more…
    Now coming toward the actual point which I want to highlight is why I remember the above names so, the answer to the question is that they engaged the audience, the understand the audience psyche and they deliver their speeches, views and training in simple wording. They had their own brand of humour by which they had grabbed the mind of audience and involved them in the training by asking them questions and allow them to ask any kind of question from them.
    Thanks once again to the author who has enlighten us regarding such an interesting topic.

  3. Ahsan Syedzada

    This is a very well writen article. The readers regardless of being professional trainers can learn a lot from it.

  4. Mazhar Ali Shah

    The Article is so much informative and interesting. A very useful writing for Beginners As well As Professionals.


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